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France Lock Pape Loses Appeal Against 10-week Suspension - Yahoo News

8 Jamie Heaslip in the back during their Six Nations rugby match last month. An independent Six Nations appeal committee made its ruling after a hearing on Tuesday. Pape appealed that the sanction which prevents him playing until May 18, was excessive and disproportionate, but the appeal committee disagreed. free Pape was caught, as http://modestosie.livejournal.com/49397.html he ran into a ruck, kneeing a prone Heaslip. He was yellow-carded for the foul, which the match citing commissioner deemed insufficient. Heaslip suffered three damaged vertebrae, accepted an apology from Pape, and missed last Saturday's 19-9 win over England in Dublin. Ireland, the only side capable of the Grand Slam, was optimistic Heaslip will be available to play Wales in Cardiff on March 14. Sports & Recreation
More: http://news.yahoo.com/france-lock-pape-loses-appeal-against-10-week-160139634.html

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